"Now that the Bird Dog Plus tests the accuracy of meters, it is the only product that we need in the field."

Field Meterman

6000 Bird Dog Plus--In-Service CT Test & 3 Phase Meter Test for  All Meters 

This new and exciting true 3 phase Bird Dog Plus enables you to determine the accuracy of any meter in the field--from Form 1 through Form 17.  Electronic sensors allow you to automate the test to gain the highest possible accuracy.  The process is fast, simple, and much less expensive than a portable test board for the meter test and still perform ratio & burden tests on your CTs (CT Tester).  

6000 Bird Dog Plus  6000 Bird Dog Plus--Everything in One Case

                     ALL OF THIS                                   FITS INTO THIS!  

(For a Printable 6000 Bird Dog Plus Flyer in .pdf Format Click Here)

Click on the items below to find out more about 6000 Bird Dog Plus:

1.  6000-SR1--Automatic Sensors for Meter Pulse/Rotation Detection

2.  6000-SG1--SpinGraph Report Generation Software

3.  6000-UG--Upgrade for 5000 Bird Dog Plus to the 6000 Bird Dog Plus

Here's a list of some of the features the 6000 Bird Dog Plus offers:  

·       Meter verification accuracy 0.2% using direct connect

·    All probes and sensors pre-connected—no need to connect or disconnect probes

·    Live 3 phase vector plot on the screen of the Bird Dog Plus  

Polyphase Graph on the Bird Dog Plus   

·     Save .pdf files & e-mail reports direct from SpinGraph

·     3 Small I Probes—For all meters--0.75” inside diameter—0.5 to 100 amps

Small I Probes

·     3 Large I Probes—For residential & 3 phase self-contained meters--2” inside diameter—10 to 1000 amps

Large I Probes

·     3 duckbill connectors for direct connection to your CT-rated meter circuit--.1 to 20 amps  

Duckbill Connectors

·     Perform a single meter verification test on 3 phase self-contained meter types:

                  Form 14       Form 15       Form 16       Form 17

·      You can also perform a single meter verification test on all CT rated meters

·      Tests residential meters

·      3 phase Demand Meter Testing for kW, kVAR, & kVA

·      Testing time for meter verification is less than 10 minutes

·      Option #1:  Lithium Ion battery providing 90% more capacity  

·      Option #2:  1500 High Voltage Kit for testing primary CT’s and overhead installations (Click here for more information)

1.  6000-SR1--Automatic Sensors for Meter Pulse/Rotation Detection

Spinlab's automatic meter sensors provide the latest technology available on the market. The 2 newest sensors:  (1) Suction Cup and (2) OPTOCOM port sensors (Not part of the standard product) provide the most convenient way to acquire the meter pulses.  The existing infrared sensor that comes standard with the 6000 Bird Dog Plus has been improved to avoid stray triggers due to sunlight.  The following are images of the standard laser and infrared sensors:

(1) The infrared sensor detects infrared pulse on electronic meters.   

            Infrared Sensor            Infrared Sensor on Meter           .

(2) The laser sensor detects rotations of the disk on mechanical meters or pulsating images on LCD screens of electronic meters.

Laser Sensor  Laser Sensor on Mechanical Meter   Laser Sensor on Electronic Meter

Here are some of the features of the 6000 Bird Dog Plus standard sensors:

  • One set of sensors to test all meters
  • Mechanical Meters--Laser sensor automatically counts turns of the disk to determine kWh
  • Electronic Meters--Infrared sensor automatically counts pulses to determine kWh  
  • Both sensors use the same mounting device to attach to meters with an elastic Velcro strap  
  • LED light flashes to indicate when a pulse or rotation is detected
  • Automatically times the test with a signal to the Bird Dog Plus
  • Powered by the Bird Dog Plus—No batteries required
  • An additional suction cup & OPTOCOM port sensor is available that attaches to the same mounting device (not part of the standard package)

Suction Cup Sensor     Magnetically Attached OPTOCOM Port Sensor

  • All older model sensors can be upgraded to the suction cup and OPTOCOM port sensor
  • A dry contact KYZ pulse detector is also available with flashing LED.

(For a Printable Sensor Upgrade flyer in .pdf Format Click Here)

2.  6000-SG1--SpinGraph Report Generation Software


Custom Reporting & Graphing Program for Windows 95, NT, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, & Windows 7


SpinGraph Deluxe is a very feature rich report and graphical generation software combining ease of use with a state of the art ODBC database.  First upload your data to the PC.  Then with the click of a mouse, this SpinGraph Deluxe will take your raw data and turn it into a superior report as illustrated below including:

SpinGraph Meter & Meter Circuit Report


(For a Printable Report in .pdf Format Click Here)


Besides effortlessness report generation, SpinGraph Deluxe has many other benefits:

SpinGraph Meter & Meter Circuit Report with Notes

(For a Printable SpinGraph Deluxe Upgrade Flyer in .pdf Format Click Here)

SpinGraph Deluxe comes standard with any 6000 Bird Dog Plus purchase.

36000-UG--Upgrade for 5000 Bird Dog Plus

If you already own a 5000 Bird Dog Plus to test CT-rated meters, you can upgrade your existing unit to the 6000 Bird Dog Plus, giving you the ability to verify the accuracy of any meter in the field--residential, CT-rated, or 3 phase self-contained meters.  Call Spinlab for pricing.  (Note: Your Bird Dog Plus must be returned to Spinlab for the upgrade.)

Front View of the Bird Dog Plus

(For a Printable 5000 to 6000 Upgrade Flyer in .pdf Format Click Here)  

To place an Order or to request a Price Quotation 

contact our Sales Force at 865 212 9881 


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